Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Usually when we think of Chamomile, we think of tea. But the term Chamomile actually refers to a range of different daisy-like plants, which are a member of the Asteraceae family. There are many different species of chamomile, the two most commonly being German chamomile (Marticaria recutita) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). They have been used since Ancient times for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and each offer their own additional… Read More »Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Thursday’s Tip: Live Long and Prosper with Ginger

Adding ginger to your arsenal for living a vibrant and long life makes sense.  Ginger is not only good for cooking in desserts, vegetable, meat and fish dishes but also has great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Reasons to Appreciate Ginger: Gingerol oil is the main compound in ginger that makes it effective in fighting off inflammation while also giving ginger its pungent aroma and spicy flavor.  Gingerol oil stops the… Read More »Thursday’s Tip: Live Long and Prosper with Ginger

Thursday’s Tip: The 3 Major Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has a history of being used in cooking as well for its therapeutic properties for almost 7,000 years.  The polysulfides or sulfur containing compounds found in garlic give it wonderful health benefits that help in fighting infections to controlling hypertension. Health benefits of garlic: Studies have shown that the allistatin compound found in garlic is effective against fungi and bacteria like staphylococcus. Crushed garlic has been used to prevent… Read More »Thursday’s Tip: The 3 Major Health Benefits of Garlic

Thursday’s Tip: 6 Ways Turmeric Can Help Heal the Body

  The root of the turmeric plant has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties. Curcumin: The healing value in turmeric    Curcumin is the major active phytochemical compound in turmeric that gives it its healing value without toxic effects. Medical studies have found turmeric to have the following healing effects: Hinders the inflammation in the cells which helps ease bowel diseases like ulcerative… Read More »Thursday’s Tip: 6 Ways Turmeric Can Help Heal the Body