#InspirationalWednesday :Now is the Time

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is with a plan. Through the spiritual vision board process God blessed me with my husband, a new car, a new home, the ability to work at home, a healthy lifestyle, abundance, prosperity, and much much more. Most importantly God has allowed me to help others just like you to MANIFEST and RECEIVE the desires of their heart. I would love… Read More »#InspirationalWednesday :Now is the Time


In order to receive your blessing, you must physically take possession of it. Receiving anything takes on a physical responsibility on your part. If someone knocks on your door, then you must physically answer it if you are interested in receiving company. Some may wonder who wouldn’t accept a gift or blessing from God. If everyone was so willing to take possession of what God has blessed us with, it… Read More »#MotivationalMonday:RECEIVE

#MotivationalMonday: Receive the Desires of Your Heart

  “LIVE in that moment of receiving your blessings and you will RECEIVE the desires of your heart.”  Excerpt from the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Click here to purchase your book of Visual Prayer.