#MeaningfulMonday: Vision & Knowledge

For this Meaningful Monday we’re focusing on the importance of vision and knowledge, specifically for the spiritual man. In a book titled Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Man’s Spiritual Consciousness by British Theologian Evelyn Underhill she shares that “vision and knowledge is a result of conscious harmony with the Divine.” Our visions are a result of our spiritual relationship with God, and it’s through these visions… Read More »#MeaningfulMonday: Vision & Knowledge

#MeaningfulMonday: Spirituality According to Walter Harrelson

  Now-a-days the term spirituality is said so often and by so many that its true meaning has become diluted. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting this summer to conduct a series on what scholars, theologians, or biblical experts have shared about spirituality, prayer, faith, and other foundational aspects of Christianity that may have lost its meaning or significance over time. To start off our series I found an… Read More »#MeaningfulMonday: Spirituality According to Walter Harrelson