#Motivational Monday: Is Your Vision Ready for 2020?

This is the perfect time to get your vision for 2020 ready, and there’s no better way than by creating a vision board. However, one aspect that I’ve often noticed with some facilitators of vision board workshops is how they forget to acknowledge where Ask, Believe, Receive, comes from – Mark 11:24. Acknowledging the law of attraction may work for some, but if you know where your blessings come from… Read More »#Motivational Monday: Is Your Vision Ready for 2020?

What to do if Manifesting isn’t Working

In the spiritual vision board process there are 4 steps 1) Ask, 2) Believe, 3) Receive, and 4) Revise. Typically, if you are not receiving the manifestation of your gift or blessing, more than likely it’s because a step has not been completed in the four-step process. So let’s review, you’ve asked for something and you haven’t received it. What step is missing between ask and receive? Yes, that’s right… Read More »What to do if Manifesting isn’t Working

#MotivationalMonday: Download Your FREE Gift, I AM Affirmations

  “I Am” Affirmations One of the most profound affirmations that you can use begins with “I Am.” Taken from Exodus 3:14, God instructs Moses to use the phrase “I AM that I AM” as a response to those who inquired about who sent him to Egypt with the task of freeing the Israelites. God uses the words “I Am” to identify Himself. So when we use this phrase, we… Read More »#MotivationalMonday: Download Your FREE Gift, I AM Affirmations

#MotivationalMonday: Say it With Affirmations

Affirmations are positive phrases, statements, words and quotes that are written in first person and used to empower, encourage and overcome negative energy. To some extent, affirmations can be used to give verbal meaning to your selected magazine images so that you can further clarify their meaning.  Affirmations are the verbal part of your prayer experience. Different Types of Affirmations Usually, affirmation statements can be taken directly from scripture; however,… Read More »#MotivationalMonday: Say it With Affirmations