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Is your group or professional organization looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker on career development, health and wellness or spirituality? Dr. Cris, The Dream Life Doctor, offers a workshop-style presentation on the ins and outs of finding the right career in line with your most authentic self and helping you to balance a healthy lifestyle. In addition to establishing and maintaining a healthy life.

During each live event, Dr. Cris will help participants evaluate and identify their unique blend of personality, strengths, skills, and interests to uncover what their career, health, wellness and life goals that have been missing from your life! Each workshop is catered to the specific needs of:

  • Working professionals in the midst of job transition.
  • Dieters who are looking for a healthy lifestyle solution.
  • Recent graduates trying to identify their college major.
  • Frustrated employees who desires to discover their greater purpose in life.
  • Individuals with health concerns interested in healthy lifestyle solutions.
  • Groups or organizations interested in living their dream life.
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Speaking Topics Include

Spiritual Vision Board

An interactive presentation using the Vision Board as an inspirational aid to bring your dreams to life.

Carving Out Your Career Niche

Making a career change when you are frustrated with your job. Transitional career tips to connect your life to your purpose.

College Degree Major Identification

An interactive presentation to assist students in discovering their preferred college major.