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Need a Keynote Speaker?

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Is your group or professional organization looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker on career development, health, and wellness or spirituality? Then Dr. Cris, the Spiritual Life Coach & Speaker is your premiere choice,

Offering workshop-style presentations on the ins and outs of finding the right career in line with your most authentic self and helping you to balance a healthy lifestyle. In addition to establishing and maintaining a healthy life. During each live event, Dr. Cris will help participants evaluate and identify their unique blend of personality, strengths, skills, and interests to uncover what their career, health, wellness and life goals that have been missing from your life!

Each workshop is catered to the specific needs of:

*Spiritual Vision Board Enthusiast
*Working professionals in the midst of job transition.
*Dieters who are looking for a healthy lifestyle solution.
*Recent graduates trying to identify their college majors.
*Frustrated employees who desire to discover their greater purpose in life. *Individuals with health concerns interested in healthy lifestyle solutions. *Groups or organizations that are interested in living their dream life

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Spiritual Vision Board


Health & Wellness 


Spiritual Vision Board


Career Training

Johnson & Wales University

Career Training

The Art Institute of Charlotte

Career Training

Johnson & Wales University

Need a Spiritual Life Coach?

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Here at Ask Dr. Cris, the Spiritual Life Coach, our mission is to help you uncover your authentic self and transition to a life that is rewarding and fulfilling.

To get started on the right path towards a better, more fulfilling career or healthier lifestyle that will allow you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, simply schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Cris. Consultations are available for the following:

*Career/Purpose Identification Career
*Spiritual Vision Board Consulting
*Nutrition/Weight Management Coaching 
*Small Business Marketing Consulting
*Higher Educational Consulting 
*Curriculum Development

One-on-One Coaching

Dr. Cris can provide you with spiritual guidance in your career, business, health/wellness, education

Virtual Coaching

Video chat with Dr. Cris through Zoom, Skype, or MicrosoftTeam

Career Youth Coaching

Dr. Cris helping youth to discover their career passions. 


Chat with Dr. Cris anywhere, at your convenience.

Corporate Business Consulting

Specializing in digital marketing solutions, no problem or organization is too large for Dr. Cris. 

Small Business Coaching

Need practical solutions to sustain your small business or simply help your business to grow? Dr. Cris can help. 

Additional Testimonials

The testimonials below are a mix of career, health/nutrition and spiritual vision board coaching.

Dr. Green Brown provided valuable feedback that will guide me in my education pursuit and career. Thank you.

Nick Davidson

Program Specialist and Former Chief US Navy

Dr. Cris uses a creative approach to reveal your core beliefs, passions, and skillsets. Her interpretations are insightful and career suggestions enable you to do what you love and love what you do. I learned a lot about myself and greatly enjoyed the experience

Debbie Miller


Let Dr. Crystal Green Brown share her expertise in, not just weight loss, but overall health concerns in general, with you.  She is very knowledgeable about how to help you with your diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so much more.  Take advantage of Dr. Green’s desire to share her wealth of information, as well as her proven track record as a Health Coach/Counselor.  You will not regret it.  She will help you through that which is a struggle for you and she honestly enjoys doing it

Y.E Clark

Minster & Author

Creating a career dream board through the spiritual vision board process was helpful to me because I could physically see and touch the aspects of my life I wanted to happen. Having a career dream board/spiritual vision board put into perspective what my dreams, and aspirations are, and where I see myself achieving them. It let me dig deep inside into my desires and fears and create a vision of what I want my life to be. It put things into a positive perspective, and I believe my life has changed because of this. Thanks Dr. Green Brown for this experience.

Cierra D

Former Student

It wasn’t until I created a spiritual vision board that I had validation that everything in God’s plan was closely related to the aspiration I visually set forth. Although I went through trials and tribulation regarding work-related issues I had the support of my mentor and professor Dr. Crystal Green Brown and a physical-spiritual vision board that helps me align my aspirations and desires into clear manifestations of hard work and simultaneously came to be. It is often the times where I had to recall the abundance of blessings, I already had that pushed me to strive for more. I never fell short of what I wanted for myself and the confidence I gained from achieving several of my promotions… I plan on making an updated spiritual vision board with anticipation of reaping the joys of reaching those goals as well and fulfilling even more dreams in the near future.

Hector G

Former Student

Using the spiritual vision board process as a career dream board was an amazing project that opened my eyes to more jobs and careers. Before this class, I wanted to be a fashion stylist; now I know that I want to be a creative director and an inspirational role model to young girls and women of all races. Thank you, Dr. Green Brown,

Geornee J

Former Student

“I am now able to have major life events I want for myself in a visual display. I am now motivated and inspired to create the life I know I deserve. Thank you, Dr. Green Brown

Brielle C

Former Student

I had so much fun learning about myself and where I stand in the fashion industry. Thank you, Dr. Green Brown, for your valuable lessons.”

Allison W.

Former Student