teacher with studentsFor all that college teaches us about knowledge and understanding in preparing us for our careers; it doesn’t always teach us how we can connect our passion with our purpose in a way that fulfills our deepest self.

It also doesn’t teach us how to handle the day-to-day circumstances, benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and peacefulness that we can have once we learn how to tap into our spirit and live more abundantly.

In my early years as a working professional, I struggled with a sense of dissatisfaction. I found myself switching jobs every five years or so with the hope that this new opportunity would somehow be better than the one I was leaving behind.

It never was, and I was frustrated with this constant circle of searching for answers that were nowhere to be found. What I came to realize is that the answers I was seeking where actually waiting to be uncovered within me—locked away in the deepest level of my spirit.

When I was able to tap into and connect with this deeper understanding of myself, I was free to align my work and career with what I am meant to do in this life. Now I am equipped to do the same for you.

These days, I enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career as a certified career consultant, health and wellness expert, life coach,  and best-selling author. I have found my purpose in guiding others in their purpose and life transition.

The Dream Life Difference

Here at The Dream Life Doctor, our mission is to help you uncover those answers that will fulfill your life. To get you started on the right path towards a better, more fulfilling career and healthy lifestyle that will allow you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Our goal is to help you create a life that is in alignment with your spirit.

Typically, we work with three distinct types of clients. You can learn more about them below. And if you see your own self within, I’d love for you to contact us for further details about how we can work together to create your Dream Life!

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The Purpose Seekers

Packages start $75.00

Job Catching Resumes: Start off your job search with a custom made resume that highlights your best assets and qualifications. Our resume service is designed to target your specific career needs that will impress any employer.

Purpose Transition Package: If you’re a working professional who is looking for a new and more rewarding opportunity, but is unclear what exactly that would be. Consider your Purpose! Instead of transitioning into the same job at a new coBusinesswoman Sitting at Deskmpany, only to be disappointed once again; listen to your spirit, it is yearning for more. You are ready to fulfill your Greater Purpose in life. No job or career can ever satisfy your spirit without the fulfillment of your purpose.

Dream Job Identification Program: A custom-created 2-day program that is designed to discover your perfect blend of personality, strengths, skills, and interests that will assist in determining your ”dream job. You will receive an in depth analysis of your ideal dream job in 2 easy and rewarding sessions.

Weight Loss and Wellness Seekers

Packages start at $75.00

“Skinny for Life ” – Weight Loss Package: This is a custom-designed package that is developed to assist you in meeting your weight loss goals. Based on The Schoolgirl Skinny®Program this is a dietary lifestyle solution – not a diet, developed by Dr. Green; this package will assist you in developing the skills that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Living Well and Feeling Great” – Health and Wellness Package: Do you suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease? Have you struggled to control or reverse these conditions on your own? Well say hello to a program that is custom designed to get you back on the right track to a healthy life. This 6 week program helps you to transition from a health condition that weight you down to a healthy lifestyle that will lift you up.

“Spring into Your Summer Body”: Permanently transition into the body and wellness lifestyle that you have always dreamed of with a 2 day program that is tailor made to optimize results.

Dream Life Coaching Package: This is a custom-designed package that is developed to assist in uncovering your hidden potential while balancing your strengths, and weaknesses. This package also addresses the challenges that impact your life and prohibit you from achieving the professional and/or personal goals.

From Student to Working Professional

Packages start at $75.00Choose a College Major #AskDrCris

You’re a new college student or working professional returning to further your education. Either way, the opportunities for growth and learning are vast. You find yourself unclear about where to focus your attention in order to better prepare yourself for new career opportunities. We help you identify a college major that reflects your unique talents and provides a clearer understanding of career direction when your education is completed.

Our work together includes:

“When I Grow Up” – College Degree Identification Package: Discover what college degree major is best suited to fit your unique skills and interests, we help you take this new-found information and translate it to the identification of your ideal college major.

“What Do I Do Now” – Dream Job Identification  and Employment Placement Package: A custom-created assessment package designed to discover your dream job and secure a permanent employment opportunity. This package includes one month of coaching plus additional weeks if needed to secure your new ”dream job.”