Known as a woman of noble character, Ruth’s grace, loyalty to her mother-in-law, and wholesome beauty captured the heart of her future husband Boaz. Their union was favored by God, who blessed them with a son Obed, which means servant who worships. Obed became the grandfather of King David. Although Ruth and Boaz did not have any other children, if they did have daughters, it’s likely, these ladies would probably inherit Ruth’s favorable qualities such as her beauty, grace, selflessness, noble character, and God’s unmerited favor. 


Ruth Daughters is a community of Christian and Spiritual women who desire to manifest God’s vision for their life. Under the guidance of Dr. Cris, you will learn the intimate secrets of developing a spiritual vision board and manifesting all that God has for you. In this 4-week virtual workshop, you’ll learn the 4-easy steps to the spiritual vision board process in a LIVE weekly webinar. Like Ruth, who God blessed with Boaz, Dr. Cris was blessed with her husband, Randy later in life by God using the 4-easy steps of the spiritual vision board process. Dr. Cris also used this process to manifest and receive her blessings of becoming a #1 best-selling author, landing her dream job, owning not one but two dream cars, and the couple recently moved into their forever home.  Dr. Cris has helped hundreds of clients, students, and organizations to unlock the secrets of manifesting all that God has for them, and she can help you to. Join this community of like-minded women as we come together, pray together, and learn how to manifest your vision in 2020.

Week 1:

  • Getting Acquainted
  • Review God’s Plan for our lives
  • Prayer for Guidance & Direction
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Step 1 Ask – Part 1
  • The Awe’s Have it – Image Selection
  • Week 2:

    Step 1 Ask Part 2

    • Affirmations
    • Mantras
    • Motivational Statements
    • Colorizing
    • Prioritizing
  • Week 3:

    Step 2 BELIEVE

    • Faith
    • Spiritual Enlightenment
    • Visualization
    • Mindfulness
    • Gratitude
    • Giving
  • Week 4:

    Step 3 RECEIVE


    • Learn how to take Physical possession of your blessing
    • What is the difference between getting and receiving

    Step 4 Revise

    • Journaling Your Blessings
    • Understanding Your Season For Blessings