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In Mosaic Cross, over 30 Christian authors and poets from WritersInTheSpirit entertain and empower you in over 300 pages to:

Mosaic Cross for Dr Cris

  • •Become a fool for Christ
  • •Heal a grieving heart
  • • Feel God’s grace
  • • Persevere when you want to give up
  • • Handle God’s favor
  • • Overcome your greatest fear
  • • Keep yourself from falling
  • • Let God make your big decisions

If you’re tired of experiencing a ho-hum spiritual life, it’s time to become passionate. If you know someone who is feeling overwhelmed with sorrow, it’s time for their revival. If you want to feel God’s grace and experience God’s favor, this is your time . . .


This WritersInTheSpirit poetry anthology is a dazzling series of poems that reveal an extraordinary spectrum of life and death, love and hate, joy and sorrow.

Spirit-of-the-Poet-225x300The poems featured in Spirit Of the Poet reveal how to overcome and empower oneself for life—the ways and means of casting off the old to become a new creation—and remarkably  insightful observations of people and the world.

This distinctive collection is a rich resource to be treasured and returned to again and again.






In this latest book by WritersInTheSpirit, authors shares their life changing storiesMiracles book of personal and profound miracles.