Continuing with our series which is based on inspiring words written by Max Lucado and noted in his book God’s Inspirational Promise Book, Max shares with us the importance of staying in faith through God.  I hope that you enjoy his message on faith.

Faith is the belief that God is real and that God is good…It is a choice to believe that the one who made it all hasn’t left it all and that he still sends light into the shadows and responds to gestures of faith…

Faith is the belief that God will do what is right. God says that the more hopeless your circumstances, the more likely your salvation. The greater your cares, the more genuine your prayers.  The darker the room, the greater the need for light.

God’s help is near and always available, but it is only given to those who seek it.

 Father, help us renew our commitment to you, to release everything and to be owned and possessed by you. We long to submit ourselves to you so that we might know the holy freedom available to us through your grace.  

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  1. Faith in God is indeed very important in my life. When I have a circumstance or condition that I cannot resolve–regardless of what actions I have taken—I just put it in God’s hands knowing that the best resolution has happened or it is on it’s way. What really works well for me is when I ask God for his guidance and wisdom before I take any action—I find that everything just flows so perfectly.

    • Well said Leticia. Our faith in God can make the difference in so many aspect of our life if we simply let go and trust Him to take control. His guidance and assurance is comforting to know that all will work out for us every time through faith. Thanks so much for sharing.

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