10-Herbal-Teas-for-Cold-and-Flu-SeasonIt seems like everyone is trying to drop a few extra pounds. And when it comes to diets, there are so many out there but only a handful that offer proven results. Most experts would agree when it comes to long term weight loss a lifestyle change is the best choice. When preparing for this lifestyle change in weight loss implementing a detox could make all the difference.

In the best selling weight loss book How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny, I mention the importance of adding a full body cleanse or detox as part of your regular routine. I first started detoxing perhaps 7 years ago. I must say it is definitely something that one has to get use to.

However one of the easiest and most convenient ways that I detox is by drinking Premium Tea by Zija. This natural detoxifier and metabolic balancer, provides a calm soothing form or detoxification while cleansing your body with the super food Moringa oleifera.

To learn more about the importance of detoxing, watch this video by nutritionist Barbara O’Neil. Enjoy!

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  1. Barbara O’Neil’s video was very interesting on how the liver works to rid our body of toxins—and how important detoxing the body allows the liver to break down the toxins stored in fat, into a water soluble state.
    I will have to re-read your book, How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny, for detoxing the body for weight loss and health. Thanks Dr. Cris:)

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