What College Major Should I Choose?

Identifying the appropriate college major that reflects a student’s passion and ultimately their career purpose can sometimes be challenging. The interest that they had in high school can sometimes shift directions upon entering into college. And the attempt that many colleges make to create a well- rounded student by promoting the opportunity to take classes in various general courses exposes students to perhaps a new found interest or it may… Read More »What College Major Should I Choose?

Great Career Tip # 2 – Create a great business card

Hello All, As mentioned last week, I’m conducting a series on the Greatest Career Tips that I ever received so you can look forward to other great career tips each Friday.  If you know a friend or colleague who could benefit from this series, help them out and  share these tips with them.  I hope you all enjoyed the career tip from last week on transferable job skills. To continue… Read More »Great Career Tip # 2 – Create a great business card

Greatest Career Tips I Ever Received

Over the years I have actually worked more jobs than the number of years that I have walked on this earth, primarily by working two or three jobs at the same time. But one aspect that I have learned from working so many jobs is just how important it is to take away valuable lessons as often as you can. Therefore I have compiled some of the most valuable lessons… Read More »Greatest Career Tips I Ever Received