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What to do if Manifesting isn’t Working

In the spiritual vision board process there are 4 steps 1) Ask, 2) Believe, 3) Receive, and 4) Revise. Typically, if you are not receiving the manifestation of your gift or blessing, more than likely it’s because a step has not been completed in the four-step process. So let’s review, you’ve asked for something and you haven’t received it. What step is missing between ask and receive? Yes, that’s right… Read More »What to do if Manifesting isn’t Working

#MotivationalMonday: Download Your FREE Gift, I AM Affirmations

  “I Am” Affirmations One of the most profound affirmations that you can use begins with “I Am.” Taken from Exodus 3:14, God instructs Moses to use the phrase “I AM that I AM” as a response to those who inquired about who sent him to Egypt with the task of freeing the Israelites. God uses the words “I Am” to identify Himself. So when we use this phrase, we… Read More »#MotivationalMonday: Download Your FREE Gift, I AM Affirmations

#InspirtationalWednesday: A Visual Form of Prayer

A few years ago, I began conducting spiritual vision board workshops for a career group at St. John Episcopal Church in Charlotte, NC. It was at one of these workshops that a participant asked, “What is a (spiritual) vision board?” So I shared a brief explanation of my interpretation of the (spiritual) vision board process, noting the use of images, affirmations, and mantras on a physical board along with other… Read More »#InspirtationalWednesday: A Visual Form of Prayer

#InspirationalWednesday: Your Perception Reflects Your Reality

    What Do You Believe Is True? Your perception of what we think is true creates your reality. It is these perceptions that shape our beliefs. Let’s say, for example, that we believe in finding a mate. What would you do when you received him or her? How would having a mate alter your life? Perhaps you would have to set another place at the dinner table or make… Read More »#InspirationalWednesday: Your Perception Reflects Your Reality

#TuesdayThoughts: A Thankful Heart!

#TuesdayThoughts: A thankful heart doesn’t have room for complaints. Excerpt from from the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Learn more about how you can develop a thankful heart when you pick up your copy.  And enjoy a reduced price of Visual Prayer all summer long on this website only. Just click on the link below! Visual Prayer for only $25!