Career Packages


One of the best ways to save money for college is to know what subject your son or daughter should major in before they head off to college. Let Dr. Cris help by evaluating your sons or daughters’ unique skills and interests then translating that information to identify an ideal college major: $75.00


A custom-designed 2-day program that is intended to discover your perfect blend of gifts, strengths, skills, and interests that will guide you in landing your “dream job”. You will receive an in-depth analysis that consists of completing a unique career/purpose identification model designed by Dr. Cris and used to complete her dissertation research. This career model is highly effective and has been used in career courses at Johnson and Wales University as well as with clients and organizations for the last decade: $149.00


A custom-designed assessment and transition package intended to help you identify a career field that best reflects your skills, interests, and talents, then transition into that field while gaining the additional skills that might be needed to secure a smooth transition. Additional features include but not limited to interviewing techniques, resume boosters, and networking guidance. This package typically includes a 3-6 week transition period: $399.00 


You’ve spent most of your adult life in a job that has not fulfilled you. You’ve tried to just make ends meet. But now you’re at a point in your life when a paycheck should mean more than just paying your bills. And if fulfilling your purpose has any connection to a career – then you’re all in. In this 4-8 week program, you will collaborate with Dr. Cris to re-connect to your purpose. In addition to using the dream job identification model, Dr. Cris will customize a career that not only ignites your passion but stirs up your God-given spiritual gifts. Throughout this process, you will rely heavily on spiritual enlightenment to guide you and transition you into fulfilling the purpose and career that God had intended for you all along: $799.00