Dr. Crystal Green Brown

Dr. Crystal Green Brown is a Spiritual Life Coach and the author of the #1 bestselling book, Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board and has co-author other inspirational books such as Mosaic Cross, Spirit of the Poet and Miracles. Another book Dr. Green Brown authored is the popular dietary lifestyle book, How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny, which was featured in Diets in Review and Today’s Charlotte Woman. Through her consulting firm Ask Dr. Cris, the Dream Life Doctor, she helps students and clients in their journey to improve their education, career, health, wellness and spirituality.

#MotivationalMonday:The Vision is for an Appointed Time

#MotivationalMonday: Don’t lose hope waiting on your vision, remember “the vision is for an appointed time.” Habakkuk 2:3 Recently I viewed an old video from when I conducted a spiritual vision board workshop. During that presentation, I discussed three visions that I had. One of the visions has occurred, and I’m still waiting for the other two. And I have to admit, that there have been times while I’ve been… Read More »#MotivationalMonday:The Vision is for an Appointed Time

Manifest Your Vision this New Year

Now that the New Year is here, there’s no better time to manifest your vision. So enroll now in one of my online spiritual vision boards courses and let me help you make you turn your dreams into a reality.

#MotivationalMonday: Be Grateful For Your Blessings from 2019

#GRATEFUL As we approach the end of not just another year, but another decade, many of us are anticipating yet another opportunity for a new beginning in 2020. But before we say hello to our new year, we should take a few moments to reflect on all of those blessings that we have received during 2019. So, before 2019 comes to an end, please consider being grateful by joyfully thanking… Read More »#MotivationalMonday: Be Grateful For Your Blessings from 2019