About Dr. Cris


As a Spiritual Life Coach Certified in Health, Nutrition, and Education I’m also a #1 Bestselling Author of the book Visual Prayer: How to Create A Spiritual Vision Board.  My philosophy is that anyone can live a more fulfilling life when they decide to connect their passion to their greater purpose. My mission is to empower you to transform your mind, body and spirit, move beyond  your frustrations and live the life that you have always dreamed of.  No matter what your frustrations are – identifying your purpose in life, losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, uncovering unresolved emotional issues, I’m here to assist you in bringing you dreams to life.

My Passion turned to Purpose

After earning my MA in Clothing and Textiles, my passion for the fashion and the beauty industry extended my journey to a new path. Over the years, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become paramount. Therefore, I completed my 3rd certification in Health, Nutrition  & Lifestyle. Passion for me means being healthy, staying fit, and living a fulfilled life. It’s these values that I share with my students, my clients, and hopefully with you.

But it wasn’t until I began my postdoc work in the field of health and wellness that I truly hit my stride. As we begin to age gracefully, some of us may become prone to certain health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity have taken control of so may people lives.  To address these concerns I’ve developed a dietary lifestyle solution in the form of a program called The Schoolgirl Skinny® Program. Designed primarily as a weight loss plan. An added benefit of The Schoolgirl Skinny® Program is the health conditions noted above that can be reversed or controlled if dedicated to this program.  You can learn more about the unique program from the book How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny: Eat Your Cake and Have Your Figure Too!    which was featured in Today’s Charlotte Woman and Diets in Review 

In my latest book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board readers will learn how to unlock their spiritual potential while developing a life that they have always dreamed of in an easy 4 step process. This Amazon #1 bestseller acknowledges that our minds respond strongly to visual stimulation. And that a powerful way to bring your goals to fruition is by creating a spiritual vision board that uses pictures, images, and affirmations as a tangible representation of your dreams, goals, and ideal life; however, when we consider using the spiritual vision board as a visual form of prayer, not only do we add another dimension to our prayer experience but we also create a vision board that moves beyond religion to engage our spirit and enlighten our soul.


The Journey


What I’ve learned along the way is that this is not a search for answers, but a journey of discovery. I’m uncovering those things that inspire me from the deepest level of my spirit, the things that connect my life to something bigger than myself.

Your career is so much more than a job—it’s your life’s great work, and it must be true to the person you are meant to be in this world. Call it passion, purpose, or calling—you are meant to give great contribution to the world.

Your life is more than what you do for a living. In order to find fulfillment, you must address your wellness from all areas—career, health, spirit and relationship. This is how you create total alignment with your truest desires and dreams for your life. And basically why I extended my businesses (AskDrCrisDream Life Foundation, & Dream Life University) to service every aspect of the dream “life” concept. So that I can be of full assistance to you.

That is exactly what I do for my clients! I help them awaken to their greater contribution in the world, and we use that knowledge to create a new type of lifestyle and career opportunity for them. While also addressing even other lifestyle concerns that may be a concern.


When You're Ready To Begin:


In the course of earning my PhD from Kent State University in Ohio, I had the privilege to work with some of the best in the field in career counseling and student development. And now, I’ve created this one-of-a-kind counseling model to help my clients get to the heart of what matters to them most in all areas of their career and life.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how working with me can help get you back on the right track, and more in line with the contributions you are meant to make in the world, I invite you to learn about my consulting services.