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Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board.

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Interested in knowing how you can receive the desires of your heart and all that God has planned for you?

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Did you know that only 20% of people set goals? What’s worse is that 70% of those who set goals fail to meet them, primarily because they lack vision. Habakkuk 2:2 shares with us the importance of not just having a vision, but also writing it down and making it clear and plain, which is a process that can be successfully executed through the development of a spiritual vision board.

Similar to traditional vision boards, spiritual vision boards are more suitable for spiritually driven people who not only desire to turn their visions, goals, and desires heart into fruition but also to use them as a visual form of prayer. In her #1 Amazon bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board, Dr. Green Brown takes readers through an easy 4-step process to create their spiritual vision board.

Usually, when we request our desires to God, we do so verbally; simply asking for whatever it is that our hearts desire. But when we add another aspect to our prayer requests by making these requests visual and not just verbal, we add another dimension to our prayer experience. That experience can be accomplished in the 4-easy steps outlined in the Visual Prayer book. These steps include:

Step 1 Ask: Ask God for what you want out of life.

Step 2 Believe: Activate your faith so that God desires to bless you.

Step 3 Receive: Be an active participant in your requests, desires, and blessings.

Step 4 Revise: Reconstruct your spiritual vision board based on the receipt of your blessings.

How This Book Will Help You:
Specifically, this book is designed to assist followers and non-followers of Christ in 10 unique ways:
  1. Learn how God’s promises and biblical principles are directly connected to the spiritual vision board process
  2. Learn how to  connect your goals, visions, and desires of the heart with God’s plans and purpose for your life
  3. Understand how you can be  a co-creator of your destiny with God as your partner and the Holy Spirit as your guide
  4. Understand how the spiritual vision board process can be used as a visual form of prayer
  5. Learn how to prepare for creating a spiritual vision board
  6. Understand how to activate your spiritual vision board with faith, spiritual enlightenment, gratitude, visualization, and giving
  7. Learn how to take physical possession of your gifts and blessing
  8. Understand how doubt and dead prayer can prevent you from receiving the desires of your heart
  9. Learn of the most opportune times to develop your spiritual vision board
  10. Learn how developing a deeper and more profound relationship with our heavenly Father can change your life.


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